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Landscape Curb Installation

We make Landscape Curbing Easy

Atlas Landscape Curbing takes time to work closely with clients to select a design, pattern and colors to meet or exceed their expectations and answer all questions. We perform all of the mixing, coloring, pouring, stamping, and finishing of landscape curbing at the clients location. Upon completion we perform a walk through with clients to ensure quality standards are met.

Set Up

We can park in the street or driveway. All we need is a water source to hook a garden hose to so we can mix the concrete.

Sod Removal

We will mark the location of the landscape curbing after discussing with the client. We will remove sod or dirt in order to prepare the curb bed.

Mixing & Coloring

All the mixing of concrete, color and strengthening additives are mixed on site. We will be attentive to keeping our client's property clean and neat during and after installation.


Our concrete curbing extruder feeds steel cable precisely into the concrete extrusion. We only use aviation grade cable manufactured under the best proven specifications. Our equipment will compact the concrete providing optimum strength and to avoid fracture cracking.


The Landscape Curbing is hand finished with care to provide a uniform finish, straight lines and smooth curves to accentuate the client’s landscaping and provide a smooth clean edge.

Design Application

We will work directly with our clients to help choose the design pattern of the curbing. The secondary color provides an antiquing effect by emphasizing pattern depth with a complementary secondary color.

Control Joints

Concrete needs to have control joints in order to control cracking do to freeze/thaw cycles. Control cuts are an effective way to avoid unsightly cracking or chipping.


When the concrete is finished we will protect it with a high quality sealing product to offer a long-lasting finish producing vibrant colors and an attractive concrete finish.


We at Atlas Landscape Curbing are proud to serve Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois in the following areas:

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